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An informal essay is an easy that is written for pleasure. An Informal essay can be informative. However, students write an informal essay in order to show their ability to write informally. The students express their views about a certain condition or problem. An informal essay is different from other kind of essays. The essays differ in terms of style. The essay is written using an informal style and it is not rigid. Students are not able to write an informal essay as they are not aware of the format and steps followed when writing the essay. Students should ensure the reader is able to understand the essay when writing the essay.

Thus, students should ensure the essay is well organized. In addition, they should state the main aim of the essay clearly so as to enable the reader to comprehend it. Many students find it hard to meet readers expectation as they do not organize the essay and also take time to state the main theme of the essay.Moreover, students should design their informal essay well. Designing the essay well ensures readers are able to understand your work. Majority of the students design their essay as a kind of a fictional story. They organize  the  ideas  in the  essay  starting  from the  beginning to the  end and include  intervals  on the essay. Students add intervals on the essay to make it easy for the reader to understand.

  Designing an essay is not easy for many students. Students are supposed to allocate enough time when designing an essay. Students should spend a lot of time on designing their original story. This is to ensure the story is perfect. So, students are supposed to create a draft before writing an informal essay. A draft acts as a guide to the students when writing an informal essay. Students are supposed to include all the information that will be included in the final copy. Thus, students should be careful when writing the draft for the informal essay. Students should also be aware of the kind of essay they want to write before writing an informal essay. They should also narrow the plot of the essay.

When writing an informal essay, students should start the beginning of the story being told. Then they should try to unfold when writing the story. Students should state dates and events. Stating dates and events clearly ensures anyone can understand the informal essay. Students should use different kinds of   styles when writing the informal essay. First, students should use compression.  Compression gives students an opportunity to stress on events and points that are important in the story. In addition, it helps students omit words that are not relevant. Another technique that students can use is time inversion.

This technique allows students to state recent events before events that happened many years ago. However, students  should be careful when using this  technique as  it can  affect  the  structure   of the  essay  and hence  influence  students  academic  performance. The  time inversion method  allows students  to attract the  attention  of the  reader  by stating  the  most recent  events   and  moments in the   story. They can also use suspense when writing the informal essay to attract the attention of the readers. Using suspense motivates the reader to continue reading the informal essay.


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